Worldcon 75 Posts PR#6, Souvenir Book, Hugo Ceremony Video

The 2017 Worldcon issued this news blast today —

They have published a sixth Progress Report 6, with a recap of convention activities, photographs, and membership and attendance statistics. Available online only —

Worldcon 75 has reopened its merchandise webshop for orders until February 28. A last chance to buy your Worldcon 75 keepsake.

The Worldcon 75 Souvenir Book is being made available to all members who were not in Helsinki. You need your membership login info, then you can choose these options —

  • An electronic copy is available for download by all members from the W75 membership site.
  • If you did not attend the convention, but would like a paper copy of the Souvenir Book, sign in to the member site and edit your personal information to include your paper pubs mailing address by February 28. They expect to have the paper copies mailed out shortly thereafter.

Finally, W75 Vice-Chair Colette H. Fozard stated in a comment today the Hugo Ceremony video is coming this week:

I can also announce that I have been informed that the Hugo Ceremony Video has been uploaded into Worldcon 75’s YouTube channel with a scheduled “go live” date of 16 February at 18.00 EEST (Finnish time).

Here is the link to Worldcon 75’s YouTube channel.

7 thoughts on “Worldcon 75 Posts PR#6, Souvenir Book, Hugo Ceremony Video

  1. Woot! Thanks Worldcon 75.

    Mike, the link to the merch page is throwing a 404 error. Is there a typo or is the page just down right now?

  2. That’s a really nice wrap-up report. I don’t remember any recent Worldcons doing something that extensive.

    ULTRAGOTHA, the link works for me — it’s probably just getting clicked on by a lot of people at the moment.

  3. Very happy they got this done. Everybody must have been incredibly tired after the con. I’ll bet there are huge sighs of relief right now, especially from Colette.

  4. Aw geez, I missed the first 20 minutes of the ceremony while I was looking for the Chinese live feed, and none of it is in the video, either. It just starts at Fan Writer, missing Fan Artist and all of the preliminary introductions and acknowledgments. 🙁

    I’m glad that almost all the finalists and winners have video of their presentations as a keepake, though.

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