Your 2014 CUFF Delegate

Travers Milo will be the Canadian Unity Fan Fund delegate to Canvention 34 in Vancouver, held concurrently with VCON 39, October 3-5.

CUFF Administrators Debra Yeung and Kent G. Pollard made the announcement in April, noting:

As Travers was the only person to put his name forward as a nominee, there were 0 Selectors and therefore $0 donations from Selectors.

Therefore we are asking that people still help out. Donations by, Cash, Cheque PayPal or email ([email protected]) will be accepted to add to the available funds for the delegate’s trip.

Travers is from Halifax. He is active in the Klingon Assault Group (KAG) Kanada and serves as its Eastern Regional Director. He also is a director of the annual Hal-Con.

Nominating Travers were: (West) Elizabeth Keeling (AB), Shannon Barritt (AB), Paul Carreau (AB); (East) Joseph Hatfield (NB), Jason Hemsworth (NS), and Cynthia MacAloney (NS).