2010 Munsey Award Nominees

Pulpfest has announced the list of contenders for the 2010 Munsey Award. Past winners of the Munsey and Lamont Awards will select the winner from among the following nominees:

  • Anthony Tollin convinced Conde Naste to license authorized reprints of Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Avenger, and The Whisperer. His regularly issued Sanctum Books are some of the most popular reprints in the field today.
  • Chris Kalb has become the person to go to for publishers who want a retro-design for their books or website.
  • Dan Zimmer promotes greater awareness of pulp artists through his Illustration Magazine.
  • Don Herron has written or edited numerous pulp-related books including The Dark Barbarian: The Writings of Robert E. Howard (1984), the five-volume Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick (1991-1997), The Barbaric Triumph: A Critical Anthology on the Writings of Robert E. Howard (2004), The Dashiell Hammett Tour: Thirtieth Anniversary Guidebook (2009), and others.
  • Garyn Roberts is the Chair of the Communications/English Discipline at Northwestern Michigan College. He has edited or co-edited some of the best collections from the pulps including A Cent a Story: The Best from Ten Detective Aces, More Tales of the Defective Detective in the Pulps, The Compleat Adventures of the Moon Man, The Magical Mysteries of the Green Ghost and The Compleat Great Merlini.
  • Gene Christie has extensively studied and indexed the magazines of the pulp era.
  • George Vanderburgh through his Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, has published nearly 400 books.
  • Howard Wright Howard has been publishing the Doc Savage fan magazine The Bronze Gazette for nearly twenty years.
  • John DeWalt’s self-published Key to Other Doors: Some Lists from a Pulp Collector’s Notebook, is a reliable source of information about pulp fanzines, pulp reprints, pulp conventions and the single-character pulps.
  • Laurie Powers wrote Pulp Writer: Twenty Years in the American Grub Street, an autobiography and appreciation of her grandfather Paul S. Powers. She also started Laurie’s Wild West, an Internet blog site for those interested in the pulps.
  • Mike Chomko, with Jack Cullers, Ed Hulse, and Barry Traylor, helped to organize the first PulpFest in 2009.
  • Mike Taylor has been writing about the pulps since the late 1990s when he began reviewing a variety of pulp magazines for Camille Cazedessus’ Pulpdom, which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in May 2010.
  • Ron Fortier helped start Airship 27 Productions for new, pulp-inspired fiction. In 2009, he helped develop the Pulp Factory Awards.
  • Ron Hanna’s fanzine Lost Sanctum published material by both people who love pulps, and now his Wild Cat Books presents new pulp fiction and art. He recently revived the classic science-fiction magazine, Startlng Stories.
  • Stephen T. Miller, (with Michael Cook) compiled Garland Publishing’s Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Fiction: A Checklist of Fiction in U. S. Pulp Magazines, 1915-1974, an exceptionally useful resource for collectors of not only detective pulps, but also hero and some adventure magazines. With Bill Contento, he compiled Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazine Index (1890-2006), a guide to more than 900 different magazines, published on CD-ROM by Locus Press and updated periodically by the publisher.
  • William Contento (with Steve Miller) compiled the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazine Index (1890-2006). He has also assembled several other works that have become essential reference tools.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

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