2011 DUFF Nominees Announced

David Cake and Paula McGrath are the 2011 Down Under Fan Fund nominees. Voting will be open through May 31, and the chosen delegate will attend this year’s Worldcon, Renovation, August 17-21.

Dave Cake was nominated by Randy Byers, Colin Hinz, Sue Ann Barber, Damien Warman, and Grant Watson. Paula McGrath was nominated by Sue & Steve Francis, Melissa Morman, Perry Middlemiss, Rose Mitchell, and Julian Warner.

Anyone active in fandom by January 1, 2011 may vote. Ballots must be received by May 31, accompanied by a donation of at least $5 Australian, Canadian, United States, or $6 New Zealand. Payment instructions are given in the ballot. Payment and voting may be done via PayPal or by snail mail. 

A copy of the form is here: DUFF ballot 2011  [PDF file].

[Thanks to John Hertz and Marty Cantor for the story.]

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One thought on “2011 DUFF Nominees Announced

  1. John Hertz sent a note about his DUFF fundraising this past year:

    At Reconstruction the 2010 NASFiC, and on my DUFF trip attending Au Contraire the New Zealand natcon, I raised $355 for DUFF plus $75 for TAFF with my latest collection On My Sleeve (which you may review some day). Not bad at $5 each.

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