2012 Nova Awards Ballot

Members of Novacon 42 and sf fans in the UK and Eire have until October 31 to vote for the Nova Awards and pick the Best Fanzine, Best Fanwriter and Best Fanartist of 2012.

The curious list of fanzines eligible for the Novas makes me wonder when was Las Vegas annexed by the United Kingdom? (All Jac’d Up.) Chris Garcia’s apartment, too. (Three issues of The Drink Tank.) Who knew about this close Buckingham-Bay Area connection? Was it Garcia, the big James Bond fan, who talked the Queen into taking up parasailing?

The Nova Award winners will be announced over the November 9-11 weekend.

[Gently thieved from Ansible Links.]

4 thoughts on “2012 Nova Awards Ballot

  1. So long as one of the co-editors is resident in the UK or Eire, the fanzine is eligible. Them’s the rules.

  2. Expand upon “resident.” Must the be resident in the UK or Eire during the same calendar year the fanzine is published or merely on the date on the fanzine? Or during the nomination process? Or how abot on the day the ballots are counted? Or when the winner is announced? Or sometime during the same calendar year but after the winner is announced? Oh, wait, that would be silly — the voters would have to know what fanzine would win in advance, so that they could cast their votes accordingly.

    Now then… does Eire mean Northern Ireland, part of the UK, or the sovereign nation of Ireland to the south? If one part of the former British Empire, why not any other?

  3. Resident when a particular issue is published (which is why some issues of The Drink Tank qualify, but not others, as James Bacon wasn’t always co-editor). This is all in the rules, as posted on the Novacon website, Taral; why not try reading them?

    Moving on to the clear gap in your geopolitical knowledge, Eire is the Irish name for the Irish republic. Northern Ireland is part of the UK. Don’t they have world maps in Toronto?

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