2014 Game Developers Choice Awards

The 15th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards honoring the best games of 2014 were presented March 4 in San Francisco.

Game of the Year

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Monolith Productions/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Innovation Award

  • Monument Valley (Ustwo)

Best Audio

  • Alien: Isolation (Creative Assembly/Sega)

Best Debut

  • The Banner Saga (Stoic Studio)

Best Design

  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard)

Best Handheld/Mobile Game

  • Monument Valley (Ustwo)

Best Narrative

  • Kentucky Route Zero: Episode 3 (Cardboard Computer)

Best Technology

  • Destiny (Bungie/Activision)

Best Visual Arts

  • Monument Valley (Ustwo)

Lifetime Achievement Winner

  • Hironobu Sakaguchi

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the career and achievements of a developer who has made an indelible impact on the craft of game development and games as a whole.

Pioneer Award Winner

  • David Braben

The Pioneer Award (formerly known as the First Penguin Award) celebrates those individuals who developed a breakthrough technology, game concept, or gameplay design at a crucial juncture video game history – paving the way for the myriads who followed them.

Ambassador Award Winner

  • Brenda Romero

The Ambassador Award honors an individual or individuals who have helped the game industry advance to a better place, either through facilitating a better game community from within, or by reaching outside the industry to be an advocate for video games and help further the art.

Audience Award Winner

  • Elite: Dangerous (Frontier Developments)