2014 Seiun Award Nominees

The 2014 Seiun Award shortlist has been announced by the Japanese national convention committee. The full list, in Japanese, is here. (A Microsoft page translation is here.)

The works nominated in the translation categories are:

Best Translated Novel

  • Incandescence, Greg Egan, translated by Yamagishi Shin (Hayakawa)
  • Serpent’s Egg, R.A. Lafferty, translated by Inoue Hisashi (Seishinsha)
  • Embassytown, China Miéville, translated by Masayuki Uchida (Hayakawa)
  • Kraken,China Miéville, translated by Masamichi Higurashi (Hayakawa)
  • The Islanders, Christopher Priest, translated by Furusawa Yoshimi-dori (Hayakawa)
  • Blindsight, Peter Watts, translated by Yoichi Shimada (Tokyo Somoto-sha)
  • Blackout/All Clear, Connie Willis, translated by N. Omori (Hayakawa)

Best Translated Story

  • “Final Exam”, Megan Akenberg, translated by Jun Suzuki (Hayakawa SF 9/13)
  • “Vacuum Lad”, Stephen Baxter, translated by Yagauchi Satoru (Hayakawa SF 9/13)
  • “Christopher Raven”, Theodora Goss, translated by Jun Suzuki (Hayakawa SF 12/12)
  • “The Man Who Bridged the Mist”, Kij Johnson, translated by Misumi Kazuyo (Hayakawa SF 1/13)
  • “The Paper Menagerie”, Ken Liu, translated by Furusawa Yoshimi-dori (Hayakawa 1/13)
  • “Palimpsest”, Charles Stross, translated by Hiroshi Kaneko (Hayakawa SF 9/13)

[Via Locus Online.]

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4 thoughts on “2014 Seiun Award Nominees

  1. Some of those translators’ names are the wrong way round. Which ones depends on which order you feel is “correct” in a transliteration, but as they would usually be rendered for English speakers, they should be:

    Shin Yamagishi
    Hisashi Inoue
    Masayuki Uchida
    Masamichi Higurashi
    Yoshimidori Furusawa
    Yoichi Shimada
    N. Omori

    Jun Suzuki
    Satoru Yagauchi
    Jun Suzuki
    Kazuyo Mitsumi
    Yoshimidori Furusawa
    Kaneko Hiroshi

  2. File 770 readers may also be interested to know that the shortlist for the equivalent of Best Dramatic Presentation includes Pacific Rim and Gravity (titled Zero Gravity in Japanese, apparently).

  3. Hmm, I don’t see any Vox Day. The Japanese have taste.

    It also explains why they used Hitoshi Sakimoto’s music instead of Psykosonik.

  4. Some other nominees of interest.

    Best Media
    • Arpeggio of Blue Steel based on the manga by Ark Performance, directed by Senji Kishi (Sanzigen)
    • Gargantia directed by Kazuya Murata (Production I.G)
    • Girls Und Panzer directed by Tsumotu Mizushima (Actas)
    • Gravity written by Alfonso Cuarón and Jonás Cuarón, directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Esperanto Filmoj; Heyday Films; Warner Brothers)
    • Pacific Rim written by Travis Beacham and Guillermo del Toro, directed by Guillermo del Toro (Legendary Pictures, Warner Brothers)
    • Patema Inverted written and directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura (Purple Cow Studios Japan)
    • Psycho-Pass directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro (chief director) and Naoyoshi Shiotani (Production I.G)
    • Space Battleship Yamato 2199 directed by Yutaka Izubuchi and Akihiro Enomoto, based on the series Space Battleship Yamato created by Yoshinobu Nishizaki and Leiji Matsumoto (Xebec; AIC)

    Best Manga
    • Akaneko no Akuma written and drawn by Izumi Takemoto (Comic Beam, Enterbrain)
    • Gantz written and drawn by Hiroya Oku (Weekly Young Jump, Shueisha)
    • Ponko of the Stars And Reiko of the Tofu Shop written by Shinji Ohara and drawn by Tony Takezaki (Afternoon, Kodansha)
    • The World of Narue written and drawn by Tomohiro Marukawa (Sh?nen Ace, Kadokawa Shoten)

    Some of these are available in the US.

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