2015 Eurocon in St. Petersburg

Eurocon 2014 st petersberg 2015 CROPPThe Russian city of St. Petersburg will host Eurocon 2015. Since this was decided last year the committee has picked the dates – April 23-26 – but is still researching a venue. They want one near the city center, rather than on the outskirts of town where big sf conventions have been held in the past.

I asked about the logo, and learned it is more subtle than I thought. The hammer-and-sickle is flipped from its usual orientation and, as Chris O’Shea explained, incorporates the Euro currency symbol (€).

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2 thoughts on “2015 Eurocon in St. Petersburg

  1. I undetstand the auditoriums may have trouble with raked seating. If your point of view is blocked, and u-kraine, your neck, it may be troubling.

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