2015 Geekie Award Nominees

geekie-trophy-largeHere are the 2015 Geekie Award nominees. The awards will be given October 15 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

The show will be livestreamed and during the broadcast, Kevin Smith will be honored with the first ever “Geek Pioneer” award.

Although the Geekie is another made-for-broadcast award, at least it draws attention to some cool things.

For example — Frozen Is The New Black

Also: Storm Trooper Twerk


(All of the links connect to pages on the Geekie Award website, but there are links to the nominees at those pages )


Comics & Graphic Novels


Toys & Craft 

Video Games

TableTop Games


Short Films

Websites & Blogs

Trailers & Videos

Music Videos

Web Series – Scripted

Web Series – Unscripted

Honorable Mentions


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  1. Obvious question, will the “puppies” complain that as fellow geeks their favorites are not nominated and therefore is a intentional and coordinated attack on their type of geekyness?

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