2015 Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominees

Sir Julius Vogel AwardThe 2015 Sir Julius Vogel Awards shortlist has been released. The awards are given annually by The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ) to recognize excellence in science fiction and fantasy by New Zealanders and New Zealand residents.

Professional Award Nominees

Best Novel

  • Dreamer’s Pool, Juliet Marillier – Pan MacMillan
  • The Sovereign Hand, Paul Gilbert – Steam Press
  • Engines of Empathy, Paul Mannering – Paper Road Press
  • The Caves of Kirym, Derrin Attwood – Worldly Books
  • The Seventh Friend, Tim Stead
  • Onyx Javelin, Steve Wheeler – HarperCollins, Australia

Best Youth Novel

  • The Caller: Shadowfell, Juliet Marillier – Pan Macmillan
  • Tantamount, Thomas J. Radford – Tyche Books
  • Wee Mac, Linda Dawley – Little Red Hen Community Press
  • Donnel’s Promise, Anna Mackenzie – Longacre Press
  • Watched, Tihema Baker – Huia Press

Best Novella

  • A Mer-Tale, Jan Goldie – Published in Conclave: A Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Leapy Sheep
  • Trading Rosemary, Octavia Cade – Masque Books
  • Ranpasatusan, Shelley Chappell
  • Peach and Araxi, Celine Murray – Published in Conclave: A Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Leapy Sheep
  • The Last Homely Housekeeper, Rolf Luchs
  • In the Spirit, J. C. Hart

Best Short Story

  • “Inside Ferndale” by Lee Murray, SQ Mag, Issue 12, January 2014
  • “The Watch Serpent” by Eileen Mueller, Disquiet, Creativa
  • “Chiaroscuro” by Charlotte Kleft, Disquiet, Creativa
  • “Water” by Lee Pletzers, Disquiet, Creativa
  • “Santa’s Sack” by Simon Fogarty in The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales, Phantom Feather Press

Best Collected Work

  • Lost In The Museum, Phoenix Writers Group, Makaro Press
  • Corpus Delecti, William Cook – James Ward Kirk Publishing
  • Dreams of Thanatos, William Cook – King Billy Publications
  • The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales, A. J. Ponder, E. Mueller and P. Friend (eds) – Phantom Feather Press
  • Write Off Line 2014: They Came In From The Dark, Lauren Haddock and Jessica Harvey (eds) – Tauranga Writers Publishing
  • Beyond The Briar, Shelley Chappell

Best Professional Artwork

  • Cover for Lost In The Museum, Geoff Popham
  • Cover for The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales, Geoff Popham

Best Professional Production/Publication

  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Chronicles: Cloaks and Daggers, Daniel Falconer, Weta Workshop
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Chronicles: Unleashing the Dragon, Daniel Falconer, Weta Workshop
  • Cosplay New Zealand, Sylvie Kirkman
  • Weta Digital: 20 Years of Imagination On Screen, Clare Burgess with Brian Sibley with the support of Weta Workshop
  • Weta Workshop: Celebrating 20 Years of Creativity, Luke Hawker with the support of Weta Workshop

Best Dramatic Presentation

  • What We Do In The Shadows, Directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, Produced by Chelsea Winstanley and Taika Waititi (c) Shadow Pictures 2014
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Directed by Sir Peter Jackson
  • Housebound, Directed by Gerald Johnstone

Fan Award Nominees

Best Fan Production / Publication

  • Novazine, Jacqui Smith
  • Phoenixine, John & Lynelle Howell

Best Fan Artwork

  • Keith Smith — for contributions in Novazine
  • Matt Cowens — for “Gorgth Goes Shopping”, Au Contraire 2013 convention book, (carried over from 2014)

Best Fan Writing

  • Rebecca Fisher
  • Jacqui Smith

Best New Talent

  • Tihema Baker
  • Tim Stead
  • A.J. Fitzwater
  • Shelley Chappell
  • William Cook
  • Paul Gilbert

Services To Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

  • Eileen Mueller
  • Hugh Cook

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