2015 Sturgeon Award Winner

Doctorow Sturgeon AwardCory Doctorow’s “The Man Who Sold the Moon” is the winner of the 2015 Sturgeon Memorial Award for the best short science fiction of 2014.

The award was presented at the Campbell Conference in Lawrence, KS on June 12 and accepted on Doctorow’s behalf by Joey Eschrich.

The winning story appeared in the anthology Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future edited by Ed Finn and Kathryn Cramer.

5 thoughts on “2015 Sturgeon Award Winner

  1. Second and third places?

    One of the cool things about the Campbell and Sturgeon Awards is that they usually announce runners-up as well. Important consolation prizes for those who narrowly missed out!

  2. As with most of the stories in Heiroglyph, this was good, but has not stuck with me. The book is well-worth buying, I hasten to add, and if you purchase the efile, follow the links to the story genesis discussions. That’s some interesting stuff.

  3. The Gunn Center are sure to post the runners up in due course, as they’ve done every year. I was just being a bit impatient because I keep my own records. 🙂
    Finishing in the top three is an honor in itself, because the Campbell and Sturgeon Awards have only one winner, without category divisions.

  4. As one of the nominators, I usually receive notification right away, so I’m a bit surprised not to see it.

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