2016 DUFF Race Begins

Voting on the Down Under Fan Fund delegate to MidAmericon II has opened and will continue until May 16 at 23:59 AEST. There is one candidate in this year’s race —

Clare McDonald-Sims

I’m a serial committee member and volunteer for fan clubs and smaller conventions in Melbourne, and a collector of SF books, digests and pulps. I’ve attended four Worldcons in four countries and would like to break that one-for-one streak. I love travelling to places I haven’t been, which includes Kansas City! If I have the honour of being the 2016 DUFF delegate I will attend as many cons, visit as many clubs, meet as many people and travel to as many new places as possible. I’m friendly, hardworking and will happily say g’day to everyone I meet.

Nominators: Australasia: Rose Mitchell, Janice Gelb, and Bruce Gillespie; North America: Curt Phillips and Steve & Sue Francis.

You can vote online using this form, or you can print a copy of the ballot by downloading the PDF.

DUFF was founded in 1972 to exchange delegates from Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Delegates are chosen as active members of the SF community whom fans on the visited side would like to meet. The delegate travels as much as possible, makes friends, radiates goodwill, and becomes the Administrator in turn until the next cycle. There is an expectation (not always fulfilled!) that delegates will write a trip report during or after their trip. Delegates’ trip reports are sold to support the Fund.

The current administrators of the fund are Lucy Huntzinger in North America, and Julian Warner and Justin Ackroyd in Australia.

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9 thoughts on “2016 DUFF Race Begins

  1. So if you want to vote by mail, as our ancient ancestors did, you have to figure out Lucy’s postal address and send cash.

  2. @supergee – I was always a bit leery about the fact that my postal address was easily available online thanks to its presence on DUFF ballots when I was an administrator. While I agree that it requires an Internet connection, the ballot does provide Lucy’s email address through which voters can easily obtain her postal address.

  3. Lucy is a person who replies quickly to e-mails or facebook messages. I am one of the current TAFF-admins and I also did not want to have my address posted anywhere online. Not only that I sometimes get “romantic” mail, it is also widely known online when I am abroad for a con what could be an invitation to burglars. In former times, when the address had just been published in some zines, I don´t think there had been any problem.

  4. @Supergee – you don’t feel the administrators have a right to personal saffety, then? As said above, you can readily get the address by emailing Lucy. Come on, don’t be stubborn. There are good reasons for this change.

  5. I’m kind of confused, then? Why don’t you want to just ask for the address?

  6. But you can still do that. You just need to acquire the address in a different way than before, because the publication is no longer limited in distribution.

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