2017 Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll Results

Voters have chosen the 2017 Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll winners from the five finalists in each category. Editor Neil Clarke made the announcement on the magazine’s website.

  • Best Cover Art – Sea Change by Matt Dixon

Matt says: “It’s delightful to learn that ‘Sea Change’ has been chosen at the favourite Clarkesworld cover of 2017. What makes a Reader’s Poll result special is the readers. Trying to build a narrative into my robot pieces is part of what brings me back to the work again and again, for that image to attract the approval of people who love stories is very rewarding indeed. Thank you!”

Vina says: “Thank you to everyone who voted for ‘A Series of Steaks’ in the poll—this was my first submission to a speculative fiction magazine, and I’m very happy to see that it’s got so much love!”

The story is also a Nebula Award finalist.

[Thanks to Mark Hepworth for the story.]