2017 FAAn Awards

The winners of the 2017 FAAn Awards were announced April 30 at Corflu 34 in Los Angeles.


  • Steve Stiles


  • BEAM 10 by Harry Bell


  • Banana Wings


  • Paul Skelton


  • The White Notebooks


  • THEN


  • Andy Hooper


  • eFanzines.com


The Number One Fan Face category was not awarded this year.

Pete Young was selected Past President of fwa.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was not presented in 2017, but will resume next year.

Corflu 35 (2018) will he held in Toronto, Canada, hosted by Catherine Crockett and Colin Hinz in early May 2018. Hotel and specific date to be announced.

4 thoughts on “2017 FAAn Awards

  1. It might be nice to mention who actually produced the winning fanzines.

    Typically, the idea of winning an award is to honor the winning people. Not mentioning who they are doesn’t do them much honor by keeping them unknown.

    The overwhelming implication is that one need not mention who produces these fanzines, because all the people that matter already know.

    And then fanzine fans wonder why no new young fanzine fans are coming along.

  2. Gary Farber: And then fanzine fans wonder why no new young fanzine fans are coming along.

    Yet somehow they do. Amazing what one learns by looking at eFanzines.

    But if you think naming Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer as the producers of Banana Wings will bring in even more, you should probably go ahead and do that, rather than wasting effort on shaming me, as Gary as that is to do.

  3. Gary:

    “Mike, please also list the names of the editors with the winning fanzines. Thank you.”

    No shaming. Not overly wordy. Neutral. Polite.

    Consider it, Gary, since you used to work with words.

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