2017 LA Vintage Paperback Show

The next Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show will be March 19, 2017 at the Glendale Civic Auditorium. Over 50 authors and artists are already lined up to attend and do signings. Admission is only $5!


Guest List

Karen Anderson
Peter Atkins
Ann Bannon
Steven Barnes
Greg Benford
Paul Bishop
James Blaylock
Jason V Brock
Mary Burgess
Tracy L. Carbone
Kim Cooper
John DeChancie
L. J. Dopp
Kelly Dunn
Joel Eisenberg
Dennis Etchison
Christa Faust
Laura Freas
Ray Garton
Gary Gianni
Mel Gilden
Tony Gleeson
Donald Glut
Cody Goodfellow
Scott Tracy Griffin
Barbara Hambly
Denise Hamilton
Odie Hawkins
Gar Anthony Haywood
Stephen Jared
Bruce Kimmel
Tim Kirk
Michael Kurland
Barry Lancet
Terrill Lee Lankford
Joe R. Lansdale
Richard Lupoff
Michael Mallory
R. C. Matheson
Daniel Keys Moran
Lisa Morton
Larry Niven
William F. Nolan
Charles Neutzel
Gary Phillips
Felice Picano
Richard & Wendy Pini
David Pollock
Jerry Pournelle
Tim Powers
David J. Schow
Art Scott
John Shirley
John Skipp
Harry Turtledove
Stephen Woodworth

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