2017 SFF Short Fiction Venue Eligibility Posts

By JJ: In the run-up to the Hugo Nomination deadline on March 16, for handy reference, here is a list of links to the eligible 2017 works published by short fiction venues.

Online and Print Magazines

Original Anthologies

If you can point me to eligibility lists by any of the missing magazines, it would be appreciated.

Update 02/24/2018: Added info provided by commenters.

12 thoughts on “2017 SFF Short Fiction Venue Eligibility Posts

  1. Original Anthologies

    The Weight of Words edited by Dave McKean and William Schafer

    1 • The Weight of Words • short story by Dave McKean
    15 • Belladonna Nights • short story by Alastair Reynolds
    35 • The Orange Tree • novelette by Maria Dahvana Headley
    67 • Monkey and the Lady • short story by Neil Gaiman
    75 • No One Dies in Nowhere • novelette by Catherynne M. Valente
    107 • Objects in the Mirror • short story by Caitlín R. Kiernan
    133 • Yummie • (2017) • short story by M. John Harrison
    145 • Robo Rapid • novelette by Joe R. Lansdale
    183 • All I Care About Is You • novelette by Joe Hill
    215 • The Language of Birds • short story by Dave McKean
    227 • Broken Face • short story by Iain Sinclair
    243 • The Train of Death • short story by Neil Gaiman

    The Weight of Words edited by Dave McKean and William Schafer

  2. JJ – Excellent list.

    I do note that Compelling Science Fiction (http://compellingsciencefiction.com), an SFWA professional market was overlooked. Compelling had a number of works (full disclosure: mine included) on Tangent Online’s 2017 Recommended Reading list. I believe it is worth including for reader consideration.


  3. @Greg Hullender & @JJ: If isfdb.org is to be trusted, one story in More Human than Human is from 2017:

    “The Old Dispensation” by Lavie Tidhar

  4. More Human than Human is entirely reprints. “The Old Dispensation” by Lavie Tidhar was originally published by Tor.com in February 2017.

    Yes, some great stories in Extrasolar. Only in UK hardcover from PS Publishing. Well worth tracking down a copy.

    Holdfast – Alastair Reynolds
    Shadows of Eternity – Gregory Benford
    A Game of Three Generals – Aliette de Bodard
    The Bartered Planet – Paul Di Filippo
    Come Home – Terry Dowling
    The Residue of Fire – Robert Reed
    Thunderstone – Matthew Hughes
    Journey to the Anomaly – Ian Watson
    Canoe — Nancy Kress
    The Planet Woman By M.V. Crawford – Lavie Tidhar
    Arcturean Nocturne – Jack McDevitt
    Life Signs – Paul McAuley
    The Fall of the House of Kepler – Ian R. MacLeod
    The Tale of the Alcubierre Horse – Kathleen Ann Goonan

  5. As always, thanks for the awesome resource 🙂

    F&SF have a list too; they always publish an index in the last issue of the year. Here’s the one for 2017, although they appear to have labelled it 2016 by accident 😛

    Novelettes and novellas are marked with “(nvlt)” and “(nvla)”, respectively.

  6. Hi all, Mike has made updates per your comments. Since the Tidhar story has already been listed under Tor.com’s entry, More Human Than Human has been removed. Compelling Science Fiction has been added, but I couldn’t find a page with all of their eligible 2017 fiction. Extrasolar and The Weight of Words have been added. The Escape Artists link has been fixed.

    Thanks very much to all of you for your assistance! 🙂

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