2018 Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll Results

Voters have chosen the 2018 Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll winners from the five finalists in each category. Editor Neil Clarke made the announcement on the magazine’s website.

The 2018 winners are:

Best Story


Best Cover Art

4 thoughts on “2018 Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll Results

  1. “When We Were Starless” is a great story and it’s in my top ten novelettes for 2018. Also, fwiw, I think Simone Heller is eligible for the Campbell.

  2. This novelette is on my Hugo ballot. And, yes, it does look like Simone Heller is in her second year of Campbell eligibility. The only other credit at ISFDB is for the 2017 Clarkesworld novelette “How Bees Fly” which I also enjoyed.

  3. I’ve just now read it. Though set in a tragic future, it’s a lovely, uplifting story. It’s definitely going on my ballot.

    I would love to hear the song. I wish someone would write it.

  4. Oh my. What a beautiful story. I didn’t dust in here today, apparently.

    If she’s also eligible for the Campbell, so much the better.

    Edit: Also, if I’m reading the last paragraph right, the tribe took Curiosity and Spirit with them.

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