2019 Eugie Award Finalists

The shortlist for the 2019 Eugie Foster Memorial Award for Short Fiction is online:

Eligible works are original speculative short fiction stories no longer than 20,000 words published for the first time in the English language in the previous year.

This is a juried award, that begins with a longlist of nominations coming from publishers and editors, supplemented by choices of select readers. A selection committee of spec fiction fans picks the finalists. The winner is chosen by a panel of judges, and receives a plaque and a $1000 prize. All finalists receive a pin. The award is presented at Dragon Con.

[Thanks to Mark Hepworth for the story.]

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5 thoughts on “2019 Eugie Award Finalists

  1. I’ve read 2 of these, and they are both award-worthy, so I’ll have to check the other out.

  2. @JJ

    I’m assuming that the two you’ve read are “When We Were Starless” and “A Witch’s Guide to Escape”, so I’d recommend “The War of Light and Shadow, in Five Dishes” as the other one on the list that I’ve already read and really liked.

    I do like this award, it’s only been going a few years but it already feels like it’s got a history of making classy and interesting choices.

  3. The Heart of Owl Abbas was on my Hugo nomination ballot, so until I get around to reading the three I haven’t read yet I’ll be rooting for that. 🙂 (It would make a gorgeous short animation, too.)

    I agree with Mark, this award’s been picking quality and interesting finalists.

  4. “A Witch’s Guide to Escape” is wonderful.

    And Harrow’s first novel, THE TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY, coming out in September, is also excellent.

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