2019 Leo Literary Awards

The winners of the 2019 Leo Literary Awards were named in an online ceremony on May 30. The Leo Awards’ goal is to highlight exceptional works of literature in the furry fandom.

The juried award is given to those works that surpass a benchmark score, which means that there can be multiple “best” works in each category.


  • Fair Trade by Gre7g Luterman
  • Akela by Ben Goodridge
  • Blood in the Mist by Josh Vogt
  • The War and the Fox by Tim Susman
  • Symphony of Shifting Tides by Leilani Wilson


  • Nexus Nine by Mary E. Lowd


  • The Furry Cookbook edited by Thurston Howl
  • Patterns in Frost, vol. 3 edited by Tim Susman and Dark End
  • The Rabbit Dies First edited by Ryan Campbell
  • Foxers or Beariefs edited by Thurston Howl

Short Stories

  • “The Brand Thief” by Dookfiend
  • “Bourbon Jack” by Linnea Capps
  • “Dance with the Devil” by Jessica Paddock
  • “Night’s Dawn” by Jaden Drackus
  • “Swipe Right, Now What” by MythicFox
  • “An Orange by Any Other Name” by Watts Martin
  • “Timeless” by Mog Moogle
  • “Ecto-Cafe” by Mary E. Lowd
  • “Painting the Prince” by Undying Reverie
  • “Swallowed by the Sea” by Ocean Tigrox


  • “Untitled Haiku” by Mog Moogle

Book Covers

  • SPECIES: Otters by Kippy
  • Tri-Galactic Trek by BlackTeagan
  • Traitor by unknown

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