2020 Big Heart Award

The 2020 David A Kyle Big Heart Award winners were announced at CoNZealand Opening Ceremonies — Janice Gelb and Stephen Boucher of Windsor, Victoria, Australia.

The award citation tells why they were selected for fandom’s Big Heart Award:

The two people that are to be the 2020 Big Heart Award recipients were chosen as very good examples of fans who are friendly and open to making new members of our community feel as though they are more than welcome and belong to the fannish family right from the start.

They have also proven to be extremely valuable and knowledgeable contributors to the activities that we all enjoy so much. Many of their contributions involve con-running and working in a very dedicated manner on the conventions that we all love to attend. Some examples of this activity are being on boards of directors, managing various departments and divisions of many World Science Fiction Conventions as well as a range of regional conventions. This includes managing program operations for at least eight Worldcons, handling hotel and facilities negotiations, managing the events division, and producing and overseeing the Hugo ceremonies.

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