2022 Sir Julius Vogel Award Finalists

The 2022 Sir Julius Vogel Award finalists have been announced. The awards recognize excellence in science fiction, fantasy, or horror works created by New Zealanders and New Zealand residents.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are administered by SFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc. Voting will open to members of SFFANZ on May 1 and close on May 31. As there is no national convention this year, arrangements for the presentation ceremony are to be determined.


Best Novel

  • A Force of Nature, by Janna Ruth
  • Silent Sorrow, by Russell Kirkpatrick, IFWG Publishing
  • Foxhunt, by Rem Wigmore, Queen of Swords Press
  • Gateway to Dark Stars, by Kate Haley
  • Butcherbird, by Cassie Hart, Huia Publishers
  • The King of Faerie, by A.J. Lancaster, Camberion Press

Youth Novel

  • A Lair of Bones, by Helen Scheuerer, Alchemy
  • Spark Hunter, by Sonya Wilson, Ahoy! / The Cuba Press
  • The Thaumagician’s Revenge, by Gareth Ward, Walker Books
  • Fire’s Caress, Lani Wendt Young, One Tree House
  • Welcome to the Inbetween, by Kate Haley


  • Against the Grain, Melanie Harding-Shaw
  • Scales, Tails, and Hagfish, by Octavia Cade, Te Herenga Waka University Press
  • Heart and Hearth, by Anna Klein, Bonnetpunk Press
  • Monsters and Manuscripts, by Jamie Sands, Grey Kelpie Studios
  • Raven’s Haven for Women of Magic, by Anna Kirtlan
  • The Impossible Resurrection of Grief, by Octavia Cade, Stelliform Press

Short Story

  • “Breath,” by S.A. McKenzie, All Worlds Wayfarer issue XI
  • I WIll Teach You Magic,” by Andi C. Buchanan, Cossmass Infinities, Issue 4
  • Clutch. Stick. Shift,” by Tehnuka, Mermaids Monthly, July 2021
  • Data Migration,” by Melanie Harding-Shaw, Strange Horizons, July 2021
  • “Worm Blood,” by Octavia Cade, The Dark Magazine

Collected Work

  • Alt-ernate, by Melanie Harding-Shaw 
  • Ten Acceptable Acts of Arson, and Other Stories, by Jack Remiel Cottrell, Canterbury University Press
  • SEEDS, by Tabatha Wood, Wild Wood Books
  • Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy Vol 3, edited by Marie Hodgkinson  Paper Road Press
  • Middle Distance: Long Stories of Aotearoa New Zealand, Te Herenga Waka University Press

Best Artwork

  • Cover of Foxhunt, created by Laya Rose
  • Cover of Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy Vol 3, created by Rebekah Tisch
  • Cover and illustrations of The Memory Thief, created by Kieran Rynhart, Penguin NZ
  • Cover of The Last Fallen Star, by Vivienne To
  • Cover for The Firebird Song, by Vivienne To

Best Production/Publication

  • Project Tempest podcast, presented by C.J. Halbard 
  • What You Need Right Now is a Nice Soothing Horror Story, by Tabatha Wood, The Spinoff
  • Ritual Cast episodes 23-35, by Rycon Roleplays
  • Lore Olympus, chapters 138-190, by Rachel Smythe

Best Dramatic Presentation

  • Creamerie, by Flat 3 Productions
  • Wellington Paranormal (series 3) — Jemaine Clement (director); Tim van Dammen (director); New Zealand Documentary Board (production company)


Best Fan Artwork

  • Deva, created by Michelle Kan
  • Toanga, created by Michelle Kan
  • Jinx, by Jules

Best Fan Production/Publication

  • Phoenixine, produced by John Toon for Phoenix Science Fiction Society Inc.

Best Fan Writing

  • This Book’s About What? By Tabatha Wood, Divination Hollow Reviews
  • “SITREP,” by Alex Lindsay, column in Phoenixine
  • “Pass the Rules,” by Jo Toon, column in Phoenixine
  • “Bibliophiles report,” by John Toon and Simon Litten, column in Phoenixine
  • Review of Philip Pullman’s Serpentine, written by Stephen Litten
  • Triumvirate, by Jo Toon, script for radio play
  • Wormholes and Workers, by Andi C. Buchanan, Vector Magazine, issue 294, Autumn 2021


Best New Talent

  • Angelique Kasmara
  • Grace Kim
  • Chloe Gong

Services to Fandom

  • Michelle Kan
  • Matthew Pavletich

2 thoughts on “2022 Sir Julius Vogel Award Finalists

  1. So pleased to see Queen of Swords Press title Foxhunt by Rem Wigmore on this list, along with our cover artist for the book, Laya Rose! Congratulations to all the finalists!

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