2022 Ursa Major Awards

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The winners of the 2022 Ursa Major Awards, presented annually for “excellence in the furry arts”, were announced May 15 in a YouTube video. (Note: The video refers to them as the 2022 awards, while the Ursa Major Awards website and another major furry news site call them the 2021 awards. Suit yourself.)

Best Motion Picture
Live-action or animated feature-length movies.

  • Raya and the Last Dragon (Directed by Don Hall, Carlos Lopez Estrada, Paul Briggs and John Ripa; March 5)

Best Dramatic Short Work
One-shots, advertisements or short videos.

  • Nobody Does It Better, Musical interlude by Princess Katre (Video production by Frank Berhring, artwork and concept by K. Garrison; from the comic strip Carry On. December 26)

Best Dramatic Series
TV or YouTube series videos.

  • Helluva Boss (Created by Vivienne Medrano; Season 1 episode 3 to episode 6) Mature Audiences.

Best Novel
Written works of 40,000 words or more. Serialized novels qualify only for the year that the final chapter is published.

  • The Captain’s Oath, by Rick Griffin. (Self; February 20)

Best Short Fiction
Stories less than 40,000 words, poetry, and other short Written works.

  • Where Have All The Mousies Gone, by Mary E. Lowd. (In Daily Science Fiction; December 14)

Best Other Literary Work
Story collections, comic collections, graphic novels, non-fiction works, and serialized online stories.

  • Awoo!: Volume 1, by AC Stuart. (Fenris Publishing, comic strip collection; November)

Non-Fiction Work

  • This furry scientist won’t let Twitter’s COVID pessimists kill her vibe, by Chris Stokel-Walker. (Input, article; June 2)

Best Graphic Story
Includes comic books, and serialized online stories.

  • Shine, by Babystar (Fur Affinity, January 1 to December 24) adult material

Best Comic Strip
Newspaper-style strips, including those with ongoing arcs.

  • Carry On, by Kathy Garrison Kellogg (Internet, January 1 to December 31)

Best Magazine
Edited collections of creative and/or informational works by various people, professional or amateur, published in print or online in written, pictorial or audio-visual form.

  • Dogpatch Press, edited by Patch Packrat. (Internet; January 21 to December 22) (Monthly publication of the FWG, sponsors of the COYOTL awards)

Best Published Illustration
Illustrations for books, magazines, convention program books, cover art for such, coffee-table portfolios.

Best Game
Computer or console games, role-playing games, board games.

  • Deltarune: Chapter 2 (Developer/Publisher: Toby Fox; September 17)

Best Website
Online collections of art, stories, and other creative and/or informational works. Includes galleries, story archives, directories, blogs, and personal sites.

  • Fur Affinity, Furry art and stories

Anthropomorphic Costume (Fursuit)

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