2023 Hugo Nominations Open

The Chengdu Worldcon began accepting Hugo nominations on February 28 from members and others eligible to vote (such as 4,500 members of Chicon 8). The login link is here.

The verification process at the host site does not require that one has already received an email from the committee.

[Via Camestros Felapton and Chris Barkley.]

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37 thoughts on “2023 Hugo Nominations Open

  1. I was able to log into the ballot by following the on-site prompts even though I have not yet gotten an email announcement from the committee.

  2. In making my first nominations I discovered the system would not save them unless I made entries in all columns — such as in the Best Fan Writer category, including an example title of the person’s work in the middle column. Leaving the title blank triggered an error. Once I filled something in the entry would save.

  3. And I have now received an acknowledgement email with a copy of what I entered on my ballot. So that’s good.

    (Mine landed in my inbox, not the spam folder, unlike Camestros.)

  4. So, effectively it’s pointless to nominate without a complete set of nominees to enter? At least one in every category?

    I sincerely hope I’m misunderstanding.

  5. Lis Carey: You do not have to fill in all available nominee blanks. (I tested that in another category.) But on the line where you are entering a nominee if it calls for Name, Example, and Title (where item appeared) you need to enter something in each of those slots to avoid an error message.

  6. I also had no email from the committee. Did anyone? In compiling my nomination list, I have found Lady Business’ crowd sourced list of eligible items to be beyond price in determining what is counted as a novella, novelette or short story. I’ve had some surprises and now have to rework my nomination list.

  7. No announcement for me, either; thanks for posting this here so I’d know it was open. Now to get my scattered notes together….

  8. Could someone post the link to this year’s Lady Business eligibility spreadsheet? My search skills are failing me for some reason. Thanks!

  9. Thanks!

    Is anyone else having trouble with the confirmation codes? It only allows 60 seconds to receive the code and enter it, but I haven’t received the code I requested 10 minutes ago yet…

  10. I’m also not getting a verification code – neither in my inbox nor in spam

  11. I never got the email about nominations being open.
    I had received some previous emails like PR 1.

    When I select send code, it says “Success”, but nothing comes through either in my inbox or in my spam folder.

  12. Haven’t heard of anyone getting an email about nominations opening. People just saw the one of the online announcements here or elsewhere.

    I was able to make nominations last night, but can’t get a new code now.

  13. Emailed Chengdu about not being able to get back into the nomination page. Got this answer:

    Yes, we have added some more function to the page, which is under approval and hopefully to get there by today.
    Thanks for your patience and we will be there.

  14. The Descriptions for Best Dramatic Long Form and Short Form are switched around.

  15. “Was there any good Chinese SFF published in English translation last year?”

    Brian, here’s what I was able to find poking around the internet:

    Superman from Earth by James Edin (space opera)
    Barefoot Doctor by Can Xue (magical realism)

    Mystery Train by Can Xue (new weird-ish)

    Nine Color Deer by Kailin Duan (children’s fantasy)

    Ticket to Tomorrow: Collection of Chinese Science Fiction and Fantasy
    The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories
    New Voices in Chinese Science Fiction

  16. Superman from Earth by James Edin (space opera)

    Read the 7000-word summary from the eponymous website! Nothing quite that dry has been nominated in decades. (Well, I guess some Cixin Liu is, slightly, like that.)

    Barefoot Doctor by Can Xue (magical realism)

    I like magical realism with lush prose, and this seems a bit blocky and possibly not to my taste. But surely worth consideration. I wonder, do Chinese Hugo voters consider it genre enough to nominate.

    Nine Color Deer by Kailin Duan (children’s fantasy)

    This looks promising.


    It is not clear to me whether Andrew Yeh’s collection of 1980s short stories Green Monkey Syndrome had an English language print publication (if so, I am not seeing it). Or if an English translation has not yet found a print publisher. An English language audiobook published by Blackstone in 2022 is available on Amazon.


    That audiobook is certainly worth a listen. If eligible, its nomination might not be appreciated given its politics? But you gotta love the idea of a “pharmaceutical offensive designed to take advantage of the enemy’s patriarchal culture”:

    After the first story, “The Ancient Sword”, the four subsequent stories narrate the struggles of the tiny island nation of Buron to resist the onslaught of its hegemonic neighbor via any means necessary. “Green Monkey Syndrome” describes the disaster of a pathogenic weapon leaked among indigenous tribespeople; “The Gaoka Case” tracks through case files a pharmaceutical offensive designed to take advantage of the enemy’s patriarchal culture; “I Love Wynona” and “Lost Birds” describe campaigns to manipulate disastrous weather patterns and deliver bio-weapons through migrating birds.

    More generally, I wonder if any Taiwanese are participating this year.

  17. I can’t find a English language print publication, either. It looks like Blackstone only acquired the audio rights. It does appear to be eligible, though, thanks to a recent-ish change in the Hugo rules:

    3.2.6: The categories of Best Novel, Novella, Novelette, and Short Story shall be open to works in which the text is the primary form of communication, regardless of the publication medium, including but not limited to physical print, audiobook, and ebook.

  18. I get a 405 error when trying to get the code. Do I need my membership number?

  19. I’ve been trying to format my nominations alongside Chinese translations (either official or DeepL-sourced) to the best of my ability, in case of any worst-case scenarios due to repeated technical difficulties on Chengdu’s end.

    So right now, for example, my Best Novel ballot looks like this. For Short Story I formatted it like this. Dramatic Presentation Short Form like this.

    It seems like overkill but watch, it’s going to wind up becoming helpful.

    Side note: does anyone know why Dramatic Presentation only asks for the directors instead of the writers? I checked the translation to make sure.

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