2023 Seiun Awards Finalists

Nominees for the 54th Seiun Awards, the Japanese speculative fiction award honoring the best works of the previous calendar year, were announced April 13, alongside the opening of voting for attendees of Sci-con2023, the 61st Japan Science Fiction Convention, to be held in August at the Urawa Community Center in Saitama. The winners will be announced on August 5.

Thanks to N. for making the translations into English.

Best Japanese Long Work

Best Japanese Short Work

Best Translated Long Work

Best Translated Short Work

Best Media

Best Comic

Best Artist

Best Nonfiction

Free Nomination

[Thanks to N. for the story and the translations to English.]

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4 thoughts on “2023 Seiun Awards Finalists

  1. Thanks for pointing that out. The mistake is mine — trying to fill in a missing category title by going to look at the Seiun website instead of asking N. like I should have….

  2. Thanks for listing all the categories. Many people may have seen the Best Media finalists through streaming services and theatrical release. Some of the magna may have got releases outside of Japan.

  3. I was contemplating including streaming links but I was worried they would be US-locked. Maybe I should have included JustWatch links, that didn’t occur to me at the time.

    One thing I find interesting about this year is that The Redemption of Time and Ball Lightning are both nominated in the same category by benefit of both being translated into Japanese and released in the same year. Fanwork vs prequel. Notably, both books were sold in Japan under the “Three-Body” name by Hayakawa (who are also the Japanese publisher of the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy), placing them in the same franchise. It strikes me as a little humorous, especially since RoT (renamed Three Body X) apparently caused some debate on the internet over its unofficial status, and now in Japan, it’s been basically grandfathered into the series and is competing against the series’ official prequel.

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