2024 Tähtifantasia Award Shortlist

The Helsinki Science Fiction Society has chosen the nominees for the 2024 Tähtifantasia Award, given for the best fantasy book published in Finnish during the previous year.

The award jury is composed of critics Jukka Halme and Aleksi Kuutio, Osmo Määttä of Risingshadow.net and Niina Tolonen, a book blogger. Aleksi is the chair and is also on the Board of The Finnish Critics’ Association.

  • Jorge Luis BorgesKertomukset (Stories. Translated into Finnish by Anu Partanen, Teos)
  • R. F. KuangBabel (Babel. Translated into Finnish by Helene Bützow, Teos)
  • Vehka KurjenmiekkaKellopelisydän (Aula & Co)
  • J. S. MeresmaaTytär hämärän, piika pimeän (Myllylahti)
  • Gene WolfeSoturi sumussa (Soldier of the Mist. Translated into Finnish by Heikki Karjalainen, Moebius)

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2 thoughts on “2024 Tähtifantasia Award Shortlist

  1. The original Finnish titles could be translated as: Clockwork Heart (Kellopelisydän) and Daughter of Twilight, Maid of Darkness (Tytär hämärän, piika pimeän).

    The first novel deals with society of assassins with the titular heart, that need to kill someone every year or the clock stops, while the other novel takes place in a world of perpetual Autumn and the fear of the Dark that threatens to consume the land of Rauniara.

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