A Far Far Verse Thing

By John Hertz:  Somehow I’m prompted to offer you this reprint from Vanamonde 1063.

The only time fanhistory records my venturing to sing was at ConFrancisco, the 51st Worldcon.  Filksinging, the home-made music of the s-f community, had continued past dawn. People were inventing verses for “The House of the Rising Sun”. A man kept finding himself out of rhymes and ending lamely “indeed” for so long that Chance [Ann Layman Chancellor 1947-1998] threatened his health. Taking the floor — we were sitting round a table, actually — I gave forth,

I went
To the science fiction
It was full
Of the most
Brilliant fen.
All they did was complain.
They made an art of pain.
I guess
I’ll go there