A Few Trufen.net Stories Reposted

Don’t you find having something else you’re supposed to be doing a great source of energy for irrelevant projects? I ought to be working on our family Christmas newsletter but, you know… When Trufen.net went away a bunch of my news stories went with it. I’ve never made a rigorous search of my saved files to see how many drafts of those stories I still have. Today I felt an irresistible need to look.  

There were quite a few, but most were either very short or transitory. About 20 had enough substance to seem worth reposting to File 770:

Wingding Planned for Tucker’s 90th
Water Brothers on Mars by 2024?
The Apprentice
LASFS Cuts the Birthday Cake
Baltimore Club Wins Tax Appeal
Clarke Okay in Sri Lanka
Frank Kelly Freas 1922-2005
Do-It-Yourself Steve Stiles Webpage
2007 NASFiC: St. Louis Stands Alone
Saving Private Enterprise
Remember Who Put The Bopp?
Middle-Earth Cuisine Offered at LOTR Marathon
Fans Find Biggest Diamond For Wedding
Octavia Butler 1946-2006
Bastards of Kirk
David Feintuch 1944-2006
Old Negro Space Program Ruled Ineligible for Nebula
Emerald City Folds
Heinlein Archives Online
Doris Lessing Doesn’t Give A Hoot

It would be nice if all the embedded links still worked, but these stories are up to four years old so there’s no chance of that happening.

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3 thoughts on “A Few Trufen.net Stories Reposted

  1. Well, there’s still Trufen.com, the invitational chat group run by Dave Locke. It’s mostly chatter — lately on the exciting topic of Tivo, and there’s been a lot of gushing about Avatar. Various members snipe at other members over trivial errors. We have been treated to advice on home-cooking, given an throrough introduction to Esperanto, debated the best way to annoy Marty Cantor, and have been exasperated by the creative re-invention of English spelling by R. Twidner. Perhaps I exagerate, but it sometimes seems that the one thing we only rarely talk about is fandom. Count our blessings, say I.

  2. The oldest part of the description of the Trufen list is that its “intended for any-topic discussions by science fiction fans.” That means we can never go off-topic, though granted it’s a real stretch to call some of us “science fiction fans” these days. But, well, we used to be and still are, somewhat (we can rationalize around that).

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