TAFF Winners Announced

Anne KG Murphy and Brian Gray have been selected as North American TAFF delegates to the British Eastercon, Odyssey 2010.

Anne KG Murphy / Brian Gray, 49 first-place votes
Frank Wu, 30
No preference, 13
Hold over funds, 3

For more TAFF miscellany, including sort of a financial report, read The President’s Bathtub. (And I also donated and voted, no matter what the list says. Feel free to pencil me in…)

[Thanks to Steve Green and Chris Garcia.]

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5 thoughts on “TAFF Winners Announced

  1. “And I also donated and voted, no matter what the list says”

    After some last moment confusion over e-voting, Chris Garcia tells me I also voted. And that the results were announced before the deadline, peculiarly.

    I’m puzzled at how an email vote — much as I appreciate it and think it’s generally a fine idea! — meets the signature requirement. If the signature requirement for a valid ballot has been removed — which is a perfectly reasonably thing for the administrators to do — then surely the traditional language that says otherwise needs to be removed from the ballot?

  2. Teresa and I voted as well, by mail, and we also don’t show up in the list of results.

    Not challenging the results–we voted for Anne and Brian–but it’s a little disquieting in view of what Mike and Gary report as well.

  3. “The President’s Bathtub” has been, I see, updated to include my name, but I don’t note any of the other three missing names as yet.

    Is there any official, or officially unofficial, single fora where one might best discuss TAFF business, other than privately with an administrator? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to comment where TPB was posted, and I don’t know of any other Authorized discussion places; the Facebook page doesn’t seem to have much back and forth. I’m sure the various fannish mailing lists have informal conversations, as do fans always have such conversations, but is there anywhere either official, or where is, at least, the most practical location for such discussions?

    I ask because I’m also confused a bit by the results: TAFF uses the same preferential ballot we do for the Hugos, last I looked, and yet there’s no count in the report of what the results were after the first count, then the second count when “Hold-over Funds” is eliminated and any subsequent votes counted. It’s a small point, given how small the body of voters is, but if you’re doing an official final report, presumably the full voting info should be included.

    TPB might use a colophon, as well, he suggested. Reading it, it seems to be — and I understand it was done with great haste, of course — produced by the mysterious A. Nonymous, with no address or means of producing whomever did the mysterious fanzine on some mysterious date.

    Generally speaking, I’m wondering where one talks about these things these days aside from emailing an administrator and having a one-on-one.

  4. Gary — You of all experienced fans should know that the point of this form of ballot is to continue elimination until a winner emerges with a simple majority. Since Anne KG Murphy & Brian Gray had such an outright majority on the first count of first-place votes, there was no need to continue.

    Mike — The amended President’s Bathtub unearthed another ballot from somewhere: the winners are now shown with 50 votes rather than the 49 of the initial release and your posting.

  5. Looking through the ballots, all the votes were counted (I double checked the actual ballots and the list of electronic voters since I had them in my bag) and in my haste (and lack of sleep) I must have left the names off the list. I’ll fix the results announcement as soon as I’m back at my home computer. I’ll also throw them in some sort of order.


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