A Five Beer Mission


Canadian distributor Delancey Direct has come out with Vulcan Ale, the first in an authorized series of Star Trek beers. The Vulcan Ale label features the “live long and prosper” hand salute accompanied by copy that pays tribute to the centennial of Vulcan, Alberta — where Spock Days are being celebrated this weekend (June 7-9).

Delancey worked with the Montana-based Harvest Moon Brewery Company to produce the new brew, a handcrafted Irish Red.

The distributors have plans for the future, reports the Vulcan Advocate:

DDI’s plan is to have the Vulcan Ale available on shelves year round under license with CBS/Paramount. While the launch will be in Alberta, Carreau said the plan is to push for Canada-wide distribution.

Depending on the ale’s success, he even hopes to expand the market beyond Canada, but said DDI would have to prove itself to CBS Paramount and further develop their business relationship.

There’s also the potential for other Star Trek related brews, such as a Klingon Ale, but none have yet been officially announced, said Carreau.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian and Martin Morse Wooster for the story.]

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  1. I guess it was inevitable. Vulcan is a town with no other industry at this point.

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