A Milestone

It only took seven-and-a-half years. As of today File 770 has 100 followers, people who are signed up to be notified whenever there is a new post.

It’s still a modest number but not as modest as before I started the puppy roundups. Then File 770 had about 25 followers.

63 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. File 770 is one of the best sources of SF news and upcoming adapted science fiction that I’ve found. We should find a way to have you guest on the podcast to have you share something awesome about sci-fi with us, and to tell us how stupid we are.

  2. I dimly remember when emails were rare enough to be exciting. Now it’s like having a houseful of toddlers running around screaming, “mommy, mommy, mommy.”

    Refreshers unite!

  3. @Kai

    I don’t subscribe or use RSS: I’m hardcore, I have the site BOOKMARKED

    Bookmark? Pah! I type the URL in by hand.

    Actually I do subscribe to the RSS feed (using a self hosted Tiny Tiny RSS) but tend to check this site manually to read the comments rather than going via the RSS reader.

    I was subscribed to recieve comments via email when I was off work but now I’m back at work again I found that too distracting/email inbox overflowing so I unsubscribed.

  4. Aha! I just figured out how to grab the Comments RSS feed for Newsblur! Yay!

    (And yes, that does fall under the category of “If you’d just looked you would have seen it…”)

  5. I usually hit the letter ‘f’ and the URL auto-fills from there, but I like getting the emails anyway. I get enormous satisfaction from clicking on them as if I were crossing something off a to-do list.

  6. Another RSS user here, though I use a software app to do this, so I wouldn’t show up in a Feedly (or any other site-based reader) count.

    In other news, I bought Dark of the Gods, which is GOD STALK (!), its sequel, and also a short story (name slips my mind). Don’t get all excited, folks; I haven’t had time to open the book yet…. But step 1 is getting it into the house. 😉

    In other, other news, Lang’s floune on the page one of the comments made me roll my eyes, hard. Ow.

  7. I use a News Reader to alert me there’s something new — and no news to you that there is news every day. So it does seem to appear that you have a large number of lurkers. Is that news to you?

  8. No email, no RSS here — why bother? If I check in once a day (me? a creature of habit? bah!) there’s always something interesting to read.

    So yeah, we lurkers are numerous.

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