Abigail Frost Passes Away

Abigail Frost died on April 30, or thereabouts, reports Roz Kaveny’s LiveJournal.

My friend Abigail Frost was found dead this afternoon in her flat. Apparently she had died in her sleep, either last night or the night before, possibly from complications of her cancer or possibly from side effects of her medication.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the link.]

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3 thoughts on “Abigail Frost Passes Away

  1. Huh. I’m very sorry to read this. I hadn’t even known she had cancer, and hadn’t heard news of her in many years.

    “You should all have known her at her best, jabbing away with a perpetual cigarette, cracking wise as if she was at the Algonquin, slightly tipsy and slightly out of control and combining her part-Italian heritage with a very English dryness.”

    That was the Abi I first met, when she visited NYC and stayed with me on her TAFF trip.

    I was also one of the few people who could understand how she made the mistakes she made in not being able to cope with the responsibilities of being administrator, and wind up, with her clinical depression and poverty, unintentionally spending the money on rent when she was sure she’d be able to repay it, without it being intentional malfeasance.

    I’m very sad to know that she’s gone. I’m also sad that more people won’t have had the positive experiences with her to make them sad, as well.

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