Top 10 Posts for April 2009

The three H’s – Heinlein, Hugos and (con) Hotels –always draw a host of readers. And other sites’ links to vintage stories about the Locus Awards and the schism in pulp fandom helped push those two posts far up the list of the ten most-viewed posts for April 2009, according to Google Analytics.

1. YA: Bad for the Hugo?
2. Self-Publishing: Not Necessarily a Bowl of Cherries
3. Jack Jardine Dies
4. Locus Makes Some Voters More Equal Than Others
5. Vanishing Point for Hotels
6. Hugo Voter Packet
7. Fans Converge on Glendale Bookstore for an Escape From Hell
8. 2009 Constellation Award Nominees
9. 2009 Pulp Fan Conventions
10. He Built Another Crooked House