Airbus of the Future

What kind of passenger airliner will Airbus be making by 2050? One with some awe-striking capabilities:

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the aircraft is the exterior, which will be produced with a smart-membrane that will turn transparent on command in order to make sure passengers who are cruising the skies will have an interesting view of the stars and clouds.

As soon as David Klaus read the news he started his due diligence investigation into the airplane of the future:

  • The unanswered question is if the contents of the plane are invisible as well, or do outsider observers see a bunch of people sitting in rows but no exterior?
  • Do people within the plane see interior fittings or is there no privacy in the toilet?
  • Will the flight attendants wear red bustiers with golden eagles or stylized-‘W’s over them?


[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.] 

3 thoughts on “Airbus of the Future

  1. What aircraft of the future had better have is engines that run on electricity! Jet fuel is going to go the way of the dinosaurs as the cost of the basic ingrediant — petroleum — increases. Should a ticket from Chicogo to LA ever reach $2,000 in constant-dollars, I think we can predict the end of flight for all but the rich. When a ticket reaches $5,000 we may see the end of flight for anybody but military pilots.

    The good news is that I was reading of efforts to develop hybred airliners, that burned fuel to take off and land, but ran on batteries to cruise at altitude! I would never have believed it possible to carry enough batteries, frankly. But maybe there’s hope.

    Of course, our well-being doesn’t depend on being able to travel by air. Electric bullet-trains that travel at 300 mph might actually get us places faster than sitting around half the time in air terminals.

  2. The Detroit airport is in the suburb of Romulus, so there’s the Treaty of Algeron to have to be considered as well. Perhaps a Neutral Zone will be needed…?

  3. And will the pilot be able to make any passenger tell the truth by lassoing him? I’m sure this will be seen as a great advance for woman pilots!

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