Alan Hunter Is Okay

Andrew Porter writes: “When neither I nor Steve Jones received Christmas cards from Alan Hunter, who’d been sending us cards for several decades, we grew concerned. So when Pete Weston said he planned to be in Bournemouth, UK, I asked that he drop in on or phone Alan to find out if he was okay. Peter has now written to say:

…I visited Alan Hunter today.  He’s 85 but still fully on the ball and we had a long chat about past times.  He also dug out some old photos for me (six of them completely new) from the three London cons, 1951, 1952, 1953, and probably 1957 as well, though he wasn’t sure.  I doubt if he’ll respond to Prolapse – he’s been out of touch too long – but I shall certainly call in again next time I’m down here.

I also phoned Alan today, and had to let it ring a long time before he answered. But he’s fine, just not as fast on his feet as he used to be. His son Chris does have a computer, but I don’t know what his e-mail (if any) is.

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