All in Color, for Free

Piled Higher and Deeper” is Jorge Cham’s popular comic strip about grad school life. He devotes the July 28 strip to a graphical visit with Bowling Green State University’s Department of Popular Culture. That’s where I took my master’s degree, and his comic cracked me up. You’ll enjoy his humor, too, whether or not you own that particular piece of paper.

Some of the other students in the Pop Culture department when I was there were: Dave Feldman, later author of the Imponderables books (like, Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise), whose prior claim to fame was managing Wolfman Jack’s campaign for Governor of California; Deb Hammer Johnson, who once won a “No-Prize” from Stan Lee, and for awhile in the late 70s was an active fan in the Atlanta area; and Michelle Gallery, who went on to be the story editor of the Lou Grant series, and wrote an episode for the show that was nominated for the Edgar award.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the link.]

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