Andrew Porter’s Boskone 57 Photo Gallery

Andrew Porter had writers, dealers and artists in his sights at this year’s Boskone. (Thanks to George R. Morgan for identifying the subjects.)

  • Ben Yalow and Michael Walsh
  • Brad “Chumley” Verter and Joe Berlant 
  • Sally Kobee of Larry Smith Books 
  • Stan “the Man” Musial, uh, Robinson
  • British artist Jim Burns – NESFA Press Guest  
  • Boskone artist GoH Eric Wilkerson 
  • Holly Black YA Fiction Guest 
  • Brad “Chum” Verter
  • Patrick Nielsen Hayden
  • First Fandom Experience guys; right is David Ritter, on left, son Daniel Ritter, both chums/creators of The Visual History of Science Fiction Fandom-Volume one the 1930s, available at Boskone 57
  • Bunch of early fans; page from the Ritters’ book (note name directory to left of photo)
  • Robert Wiener
  • L-R  William Hayashi, Mark Olson, Alexander Jablakov, Kim Stanley Robinson “The Consequences of Actually Finding Life on Mars” Panel
  • Tor paid for this cake

7 thoughts on “Andrew Porter’s Boskone 57 Photo Gallery

  1. Martin Wooster: Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s name doesn’t have a hyphen in it.

    You get a gold star. And I get whatever — a gold black hole?

  2. Sorry, the “Chumley” bit on Brad Verter’s name is because he’s a chum—the name for people who post on the invitational, closed FictionMags list. I’m a chum too, as is everyone, including the women, who post there.

    I didn’t send all the photos I took at Boskone to Mike. There was one of a woman on the floor, surrounded by a chalk outline. The outline was on the floor the entire convention; I have no idea why.

  3. Narniacon (the people who run the coatcheck room) was running a “Clue”-based ?LARP? ?live puzzle? — you might have noticed the various color-designated characters (Miss Scarlet, Col. Mustard, etc. — not always the same person behind the tag) floating around the convention. I expect the outline was connected to that.

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