Anticipation Is Makin’ Me Wait

Actually the waiting is over! Chris Garcia has posted the highly entertaining Fanzine Cover In An Hour featuring art improvised at Anticipation by Taral, Marc Schirmeister and Steve Stiles.

The zine’s official title is rather longer and here is Chris’ explanation of how he ended up with “Go Drop Dead” An Anticipation Fanzine in an Hour…kinda

The theme for the art, which I got from the audience was…tentacles and airships! It did my heart good, being such a fan of both Cthuhlu and Steampunk. I asked folks for a suggestion for a title, particularly bothering Marc [Schirmeister], who told me to ‘Go Drop Dead”. That is how titles are made!

In one of several short articles between the drawings of tentacles and airships Chris Garcia pays tribute to poutine, a Canadian comfort food that may possibly taste good but does not photograph well. It looks a lot scarier than all those sketches of Cthulhu.

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4 thoughts on “Anticipation Is Makin’ Me Wait

  1. Frankly, I’ve never seen poutine that looked like that. I’m used to it being whitish cheese kurds over identifiable chips (ie: French Fries. Not the skinny little string-fries at McDonalds, but properly made English chips).

    Ironically, when Schirm and I were out wandering Mount Royal, he wanted to try a small place that advertised poutine. We decided to check it out on our way back from the Mount. But though we kept an eye out, the place seemed to have vanished! Schirm never did have his poutine and I may have missed out on a “Montreal” style that I know nothing about and looks more like Chris’s.

  2. For a few years my hometown of Monrovia had (of all things) a Canadian cuisine restaurant, Diron’s. I went there once and tried the Canadian bacon cooked in peameal. Too bad it’s gone now, we could have had Schirm test the local poutine.

  3. Judging from the local version of Indian papadam (called “Indian Chips”) the LA equivalent of poutine would be covered in powdered sugar and fried in cotton-seed oil.

  4. Mike, I wonder if the Chinese-Peruvian restaurant on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock still exists. I had incredibly rich Peking Duck there with Bert Fuller back in 1980, duck so rich I had difficulty finishing my dinner — and Inca Cola!

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