Any 2013 Worldcon Bid Updates?

If anyone knows about other Worldcon bids hidden by the “purloined letter” technique discussed in the previous post, I’m all ears.

And what’s the real latest news on 2013 — here’s a summary I wrote last year:

File 770 #149, March 2007 — 2013: A Texas in 2013 bid “exploratory committee” is chaired by Bill Parker. Karen Meschke posted that they are looking at sites in Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

Craige Howlett announced his bid for a 2013 Worldcon in San Jose at the recent Smofcon in Kansas City, reported Jack Avery in SFSF 36. Although Howlett is a board member of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., the bid is not as yet being undertaken by the corporation that ran ConFrancisco and ConJose. “If I can prove to the board of SFSFC that there are enough people to back the bid, they will fully support me, but I’m not expecting their support until the summer of 2008.”

Smofcon churned with rumors of a Minneapolis Worldcon bid. You see, 2013 is also the year 5773 in the Hebrew Calendar, so it would synchronize with the longstanding Minneapolis in ’73 bid. Is anybody serious about this? Seth Breidbart is involved, which means pretty much anything might happen.

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One thought on “Any 2013 Worldcon Bid Updates?

  1. Hmm, last I heard no one at SFSFC was asking me to create a web page for a Worldcon bid. And Kevin posted minutes of board meetings up to and including July 1st 2008 last night. This doesn’t seem to stop Chris Garcia from encouraging people to throw $20 bills at Kevin, but we are not complaining as it does help pay the rent.

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