Please, Pay No Attention
to the Texas in 2013 Bid

This is only a test. There is no officially announced Texas in 2013 Worldcon bid. And always remember, the best place to keep these secrets is on a live Internet website.

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3 thoughts on “Please, Pay No Attention
to the Texas in 2013 Bid

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  2. Actually, the Texas folks were present last year and have been saying for a couple of years now that they’re interested in 2013, but that they’re still working on picking a site and setting up a committee, so having an under-construction web site out there and a registered domain isn’t much of a surprise.

    There are a lot of things “hidden in plain sight” out there if you know what their address is. The San Jose Westercon bid’s web site was visible (if you knew the address) for several days before we published the kick-off announcement.

  3. File 770 #149 reported the Texas in 2013 story in March 2007, and doubtless it was circulated at Smofcon in December 2006. It’s Bill Parker’s alarum at a recent public reference to the website, and insistence that the bid has not been officially announced (true enough), that makes the existence of a live website at least a little bit funny. “Pay no attention to the bid behind, er, in front of the curtain!”

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