Arc Will Launch in February

Arc, a new digital publication from the makers of New Scientist, will premiere in February 2012. The press release promises it will explore the future through “cutting-edge science fiction and forward-looking essays by some of the world’s most celebrated authors – backed up with columns by thinkers and practitioners from the worlds of books, design, gaming, film and more.”

Arc 1.1 is edited by Simon Ings, author of The Weight of Numbers and Dead Water. Simon established himself in the field with a trio of ground-breaking cyberpunk novels. He is a frequent commentator on science and science fiction.

For New Scientist editor Sumit Paul-Choudhury, Arc is an opportunity to explore new territory. “We’ve known for many years that our readers are fascinated by the future and all the possibilities it raises. But as a magazine of science fact, we can’t indulge that fascination very often,” he explains. “Arc will explore the endless vistas opened up by today’s science and technology. While it’s a very different venture from New Scientist, it will share its unique combination of intelligence, wit and charm.”

You will not be surprised to hear they will gladly sign you up to receive more e-mailed publicity.

[Thanks to Dan Goodman for the story.]

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