Ars Longa

At Big Hollywood, John T. Simpson rightly believes today’s readers should not continue unaware of Harlan Ellison, The Original Hollywood Rebel.

For those of you here at Big Hollywood who think you are playing a whole new game in taking on the Tinseltown establishment in force, I have news for you. Scribe Extraordinaire and futurist iconoclast Harlan Ellison beat you all to the punch by about forty-five years. And if you don’t know who Harlan Ellison is, shame on you! He is a living legend with more Hugos and Nebulas than I care to count, as well as four WGA Awards and an Emmy nod. And all that’s just for starters.

Much of Harlan’s writing defies description or genre. If I had to describe it, I would say that Harlan paints with words like Picasso and Salvador Dali painted with canvas.

There’s some scoffing in the comments by twits trying to score personal points off Ellison (though he’s not involved with this piece at all). Simpson deftly countered one of them:

And Salvador Dali used to wear fruit baskets on his head, Vorpal. The magnificent art stands.

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One thought on “Ars Longa

  1. The recent biodoc about Ellison, “Dreams with Sharp Teeth”, is most excellent, and I highly encourage everyone to get it.

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