At LASFS, They Mean It

LASFS’ unofficial membership policy is, “Death will not release you – even if you die.” And yes, they’re serious.

Someone suggested the late Forry Ackerman’s name ought to be removed from the list of advisors to the LASFS Board of Directors because he is, er, late. Another director was shocked at the idea. According to the minutes of the March 2009 board meeting:

Christian McGuire brought a motion that Forry Ackerman should not be removed as an advisor to the board: though he is dead death shall not release him, he just won’t be coming to coming to the BOD meetings and the Board can’t communicate to him but still he should remain an advisor.  Motion passed 8-2-0

Believe me, if they get any advice from him at this point they ought to listen!

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3 thoughts on “At LASFS, They Mean It

  1. Wow, I’m not a member of LASFS, but was in the Fandom Directory till my reduced activity in convention going. But even to this day…. Once you join, you’re in it forever. I still think of myself as part of SF goings on in a peripheral way, but “Death does not release you.” The very idea is shocking.

  2. The 1980 Michael Walsh was a student at Cal Tech who graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics. If you check APA-L for the dates after his membership began, you’ll find several filks based on Billy Joel songs (“It’s Still APA-L To Me!”, among others.)

    (And to answer the inevitable question, yes, I really do remember this kind of trivia 29 years later without having to look it up.)

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