Aussie Collectors Look at Long-Term Solution

Creating a permanent science fiction institution and research collection in Australia is the goal of Meteor Incorporated, a not-for-profit corporation founded in 2007 and led by Bill Wright, Mark Loney, Carey Handfield, Rob Gerrand and Russell Blackford, with Paul Bray as President.

Their organization will accomplish its objectives by preserving great Australian collections of genre publications and memorabilia when the current owners can no longer maintain them. It has started raising money to buy premises and set up a fully functioning library and research facility.

Meteor Inc. was seeded with 50,000 shares in an Australian biotech company, Cytopia Limited, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with a pipeline of mainly anti-cancer drugs some of which have advanced to Phase II human trials. As of March 2008 those shares are worth of the order of $18,000.

Anyone interested in supporting Meteor Inc. can become a member. The Joining fee is (A)$20 and the Annual Membership fee is (A)$20. The website states, “Membership of Meteor Inc requires adherence to its rules, commitment to its objectives and, of course, ongoing payment of the annual fee. If you are one of those special people, write to the Secretary for an application form today.”

[Via Australian SF Bullsheet #75]

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