Australia in 2010 Rumor

Someone asked me if the Australia in 2010 bid missed the filing deadline. Whatever Secret Master of Fandom is spreading the rumor should be sent for a week or two of remedial Googling. It’s very easy to learn the correct information.

Kevin Standlee, part of the Denvention business meeting staff, announced on March 13 to readers of the Denvention LiveJournal: “The Chairman of Denvention Three confirmed that to me in an e-mail a couple of days ago. Australia filed and will be on the ballot. No other bids for 2010 filed, so Australia is officially unopposed.”

World Science Fiction Society rules require a bid to file no later than 180 days before the opening of the administering Worldcon (Denvention 3, this year) to be allowed on the 2010 Worldcon Site Selection printed ballot. You’ll find Australia listed there, another hint.

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2 thoughts on “Australia in 2010 Rumor

  1. It’s pretty clear to me that many people have not actually looked at the ballot, given that they keep asking what Australia’s planned dates are (they’re listed on the ballot, as required by rule: September 2-6, 2010). Possibly these people have always voted in person and don’t even realize that you can vote by mail?

  2. And it’s also interesting that we were asked a few times by mail what our dates were, and we responded – not realising that the dates were not on our bid website. It was just a simple error. We had never intended the dates to remain secret. As Kevin says, they are clearly on the Site Selection ballot.

    Perry Middlemiss
    Chair – Australia in 2010 Worldcon Bidding Committee

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