Ray Bradbury at Comic-Con

Ray Bradbury with Joker look-alike Forrest J Ackerman and Ray Bradbury at 2008 Comic-Con Arnold Kunert Interviews Ray Bradbury

John King Tarpinian fills us in on what it was like to attend the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con with Ray Douglas Bradbury:

“ComicCon was a hoot. Mr. B had four aides to assist him getting thru the crowd. The Staff at was incredibly friendly and accommodating. At every aisle, Ray had to stop for pictures and autographs.

“Ray was mainly interested in seeing two things: The Golden Age comics and the Artists. He went back to the Artists Alley three times and the comics area twice, during the day. Needless to say, Ray went away with a bunch of gifts. His preference, of course, was for the vintage stuff. There were more than a few Amazing Stories from the 40s that had Bradbury stories in them. Ray was amazed that the asking price for these mint editions were $100 plus.

“Ray gave a lecture with a SRO crowd of over 2,000. He was interviewed by Arnold Kunert, Ray Harryhausen’s business manager, who has known him for 35 years. Afterwards, a preview of Ray Bradbury’s Chrysalis was shown with a brief interview with the producer, director and star of the movie. See http://www.chrysalismovie.net/#Scene_1 for more information.”

Jabba the Hutt and Ray Bradbury

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