Baen Bulk Backs Troops

Operation Baen Bulk and want to raise $3,500 so they can send Kindles to Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) at Ft. Bragg and Camp Le Jeune.

Since 2009, OBB has been sending deployed units large quantities of books, snacks, stainless-steel travel mugs, flashlights, batteries, “Smart Wool” socks, hydration supplies and other things. This year they’re focusing on what happens “After Action.”

[Each] $100 we raise will buy one basic Kindle (ad-free), shipped to the secret lair of OBB, where we will load an image containing the Baen Books Free Library and Promotional CDs. We will then ship the Kindles in lots of 10-20 to MTFs at military bases around the country.

 [Thanks to Petréa Mitchell for the story.]

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