Belfast Eastercon Explorations

By Tommy Ferguson: On Friday a group of Norn Iron fans visited The Hilton Lanyon Place and International Conference Centre (ICC) which is next door – (, to consider the space that is available and whether, costs permitting, a Belfast Eastercon would be viable. 

Norn Iron fans

The venue was the site of the 2019 Eurocon, which ran successfully, but looking at additional space, in the ICC. 

This new group, with experience from a wide selection of Irish and international conventions, is entitled the ‘Preliminary Belfast Eastercon Assessment Team’ and we went to the Pub afterwards to consider what next steps should be taken and it was agreed that another pint would be a good idea. 

Hilton Pub

Following this, and other activities it was agreed we should communicate to Eastercon fans, here, there and elsewhere, that some activity, albeit very initial, is taking place. 

PBEAT would look to see if the venue is indeed suitable, and more importantly if it is affordable.

Initial reckoning is that we could accommodate an 800 to 900 person Eastercon, and given the extra travel is involved, this seems like a reasonable amount. 

By the end of the evening, there was much excitement about the prospect of a Belfast Eastercon, as evidenced in the images.

Further updates will occur. 

3 thoughts on “Belfast Eastercon Explorations

  1. I was at the 2019 Eurocon at this very hotel in Belfast and enjoyed my experience a lot, though in one case the microphones in a panel room did not work, but we made do.

    Belfast itself turned out to be a lovely city with beautiful murals, interesting museums and really great food. As someone who mainly associates Belfast with its 1980s/1990s reputation, that was a very pleasant surprise.

    In short, I wish this team luck.

  2. That might be interesting. If I could avoid visiting my relatives in Belfast even better.

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