Boskone ASL GoFundMe Result

Rick Kovalcik, who set up the “Help fund ASL Interpreters for Boskone” GoFundMe, to which several Filers and many others donated, told File 770 they raised enough to provide signing —

The person came on Saturday and we believe the total cost was going to be about just about $1000 ($964 plus parking).   We (I) gave them a check for $900 because that is what we had raised at the time (less the GoFundMe Fees, but my contribution was to make up for the GoFundMe fees, so that they got the full amount).  They said they would send us copies of the bill(s) and any receipts for parking and we said we would give them additional money to cover that if we had raised it (which it looks like we have).  Obviously we would still like to raise more money to get a head start on future years.

We also told them they were welcome to use the Staff Den (for food and drinks) as the ASL Interpreters were essentially staff and it didn’t make any sense to exclude the person while the interpreters were in Staff Den.

I didn’t actually interact with the person as I was doing something else when they picked up the check.  I did pop in to one panel they were at and it seemed to be going well.

Hopefully this makes sense. I’ve been averaging the typical 5-6 hours of con sleep a night and I’ve spent most of today helping the crew finish loading the truck and unloading most of it into the NESFA Clubhouse.  There is still more to do tomorrow with returning gear borrowed from Arisia to their storage unit in Haverhill and returning the truck.

P.S. Thanks to all who contributed. 

Rick has also posted this as an update at GoFundMe.

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2 thoughts on “Boskone ASL GoFundMe Result

  1. This is wonderful! I’m sorry you only had time to pop into one panel: beside being translators their movements are beautiful.

    Also wonderful because you’ve added to the convention toolbox. I’ve never heard of anyone using GoFundMe for this sort of thing.

  2. A couple of updates:

    There was some confusion elsewhere online as to who was paying the ASL Interpreters and whether they had been paid in full. The person who needed them and contracted for them was paying them (and to the best of my knowledge they have been paid in full) and we were reimbursing the person up to what we raised or their costs.

    We have now raised $1000 (less GoFundMe fees) and I am sending a check to the person for the remainder of what they paid even though it is slightly more than $1000.

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