Bradbury on 2116

Cyberfrequencies has posted interviews with Ray Bradbury about living forever and his new musical 2116:

Our podcast this week features Ray Bradbury’s musical “Wisdom 2116” which he wrote for an old couple he’d befriended as a young man. It’s taken Bradbury more than 50-years to see the musical performed on stage. “Wisdom 2116” is a robotic love story about the beauty of growing old as humans.

The podcast is complemented by fine videos featuring Bradbury.

By the way, I’ve been wondering what happened to the plan, announced while the play was still in previews, to add a Bradbury-scripted companion piece to 2116 before its official opening. Publicist Philip Sokoloff’s press release explains:

After careful consideration, an artistic decision was made regarding the new evening of theatre entitled “Ray Bradbury’s Wisdom,” to be subsequently entitled “Ray Bradbury’s Wisdom 2116.” Plans originally had been announced for the show to begin with a curtain raiser, “Wisdom (1916).” That piece is being deferred to a later date, thus keeping the current evening to a more manageable length and permitting Ray’s new musical to shine all on its own.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the links.]

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