Bradbury Plaque Dedicated at UCLA Library

Ray Bradbury was the guest speaker at UCLA’s annual library donors dinner on September 19. John King Tarpinian reports:

This was the first time that the event had more RSVPs than places to sit. A very special honor was given to Ray; UCLA has created a plaque that will be installed outside the former typing room where he wrote “The Fireman” in 1951 and then Fahrenheit 451 in 1953. Mr. B’s speech entertained the crowd, with many laughs and two ovations. Only Ray could tell a room of people at a top university that colleges are of no value…that all one needs is a library full of books.

The Typing Room was located in Room 60, in the basement of the Powell Library.

Bradbury talk at Powell Library

Ray addressing the crowd, many with family names on buildings at UCLA. An attending actor, who since he was not listed on the program so will remain anonymous, made a sizable donation to increase the library’s volumes of Sci-Fi literature.

Plaque commemorating Bradbury and Typing Room

This plaque will be installed at the entrance to the former typing room.

Gary Strong and Ray Bradbury

With Mr. B is Gary Strong, UCLA’s head librarian and former California State Head Librarian.

[Story and photos provided by John King Tarpinian.]

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